We apologize, but our Workman development is on hold pending Windows 7.


The Workman's Study Bible is a Bible study software application designed to afford the user a simple, intuitive interface to an extremely powerful search and display engine. It can read, search, and display Workman Titles as well as most proprietary Online Bible modules.

A few of the more notable features are:

  • Easy one-step installation procedure
  • for all types of Workman Titles and Online Bible modules (including ZIP, Self-Extracting EXE's, and DAT folders). The sheer number of available Bibles and Commentaries makes ease of installation a must.
  • A non-structured interface
  • Often software is built on the premise that it will be the main focus of the user. With that in mind it maintains everything inside of one window, with only one real display option, to make the window bigger so more can fit into it. A non-structured interface allows unlimited arrangement of precision windows, allowing even the most powerful software tools to be both on-hand and unintrusive.
  • Simple, unified Command Line
  • Sometimes software seems like an obstacle course. To display a passage in the Bible, for example, programs routinely force you to drop down a menu, select a side menu, navigate a dialog box, scroll down to select book, chapter, or verse with the mouse, or type in a reference perfectly, lest you omit a space, or abbreviate wrong, and have to start over. Workman's command line is always available, and refreshingly flexible. It will process what you type, whether a word to search, or a reference to display, even if it is misspelled. Now, it won't answer the phone for you, but it does what it does without a fuss. No menus, no scroll bars, no OK or Cancel buttons and no error messages.
  • Unique multiple selection menus
  • Menus are for convenience. It's nice when options are only a couple of clicks away. So we've put selection panels for program options and preferences, even available Titles (Bibles, Commentaries and more) right in the menus, two clicks away.
  • The Advanced Hover Navigation System
  • It would be nice to have an expert on every subject available at all times, as long as they don't give constant, unsolicited advice. That is the premise behind Workman's Hover windows. Every passage of the Bible has powerful helps available, but we don't want them on screen all the time. You wonder about a word in the scripture, so you click on it, open a temporary window with a Lexicon definition, switch over to a list of other occurrences of the word, or toggle to a list of cross-references, or select from an array of commentators opinions. Over-estimated your curiosity? Move the mouse and the window disappears. Convenience and power.
  • Simple, powerful favorites lists
  • for storing and organizing verses and comments you don't want to forget.
  • Concordance display of search results
  • making a smaller window provide more information at a glance.
  • Powerful search options
  • multiple words, complex phrases, multiple versions, Strongs attached, all punctuation, variable and precision wildcards, multiple verse and chapter proximities, word proximity, even sentence and phrase proximities. Workman features a complete set of logic operators (AND, OR, NOT and XOR) for precision searches, and even permits further searches within the latest results.
  • Powerful character substitution system
  • Different versions in the same language spell some words differently (Galilean or Galilaean). Many foreign languages use diacritical marks on letters, such as accents in Spanish, but rules are inconsistent. Most search engines cannot find these common alternate spellings, but Workman can.
  • Non-contiguous range capability
  • The books of the Bible are interconnected in many ways, and not always consecutively. Genesis and Revelation can be focused on profitably, or Daniel and Revelation as well. It's nice to be able to specify a portion of the Bible to search within, especially when there is no limit to the specific perimeters. An example of a non-contiguous range are scattered scriptures detailing the post-captivity period, which include geneologies in 1 Chronicles, the narrations of Ezra and Nehemiah, a number of the Psalms, and various minor prophets. In Workman, these can be formed into a range for specific searches and focused study.
  • Unlimited user definable synchronization groups
  • permitting multiple Workman windows to be associated with each other cooperatively, even though separated on the desktop. Allows side by side comparison of an unlimited number of versions, with synchronized scrolling, or allows windows to be assigned as context, commentary or cross-references, with automatic updating of contents determined by activity in a master window, as well as other options.

All of this at a low price makes The Workman's Study Bible an unbeatable deal. But, we also guarantee that all bug fixes, patches, and minor updates will be free. So you can buy with confidence, knowing that we at Due Diligence Software are not only diligent to improve and maintain our software, but we are also committed to providing quality products and customer support at reasonable prices. Unlike other software marketing schemes, Workman is not "Buy once, pay forever."

We also guarantee that our software is completely free of spyware, addware, and malicious code.