We offer Workman in several different packaged downloads. Please choose the one that is right for you.

Hint: If you already have Online Bible installed on your computer, choose the Minimal Install Package below.
If not, you will need the English Starter Package.

English Starter Package
(If you are not sure which package to
download, this is the package for you.)
  • The Workman's Study Bible Version 1.3
  • The Authorized Version 1769
  • Workman Cross-References
  • Strong's Greek and Hebrew Lexicons
  • Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary
  • Workman Help File
  • Fonts (Greek,Hebrew,English)

Alternate download location:
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Minimal Install Package
(This package is for those who already have
Titles installed on their system.

Este paquete es para aquellos que ya tienen
Titulos instalados sobre su sistema.)
  • The Workman's Study Bible Version 1.3
Paquete de Incio (Español )
(Si no estás seguro cuál paquete escoger,
descarga esta.)
  • The Workman's Study Bible Version 1.3
  • Antigua Versión Valera 1909
    (- El texto digital de la Valera 1909 ha sido completamente corregida para conformar estrictamente con la Valera 1909 original.)
  • Workman Cross-References (Referencias)
  • Archivo de Ayuda (en Inglés)
  • Fuentes (Griego,Hebreo,Español)
  • Archivo de interfaz en español

Interface Language Package
(Este paquete contiene arhivos de interfaz
alternativos disponibles.)
  • Español


English Titles

Locked Titles

Workman Study Bible supports Online Bibles' Locked Modules. You can download the locked modules from the following site:

You can purchase the unlock codes from the following site:

To unlock a Title, add it to the system with the Find Titles Wizard, then click on the padlock icon next to the locked Title, in the Titles menu, and enter the Name and Code you obtained from Cross Country Software.

Titulos en español

Original Languages Titles



More Downloads: There are hundreds of downloadable Bibles and Commentaries available in the Online Bible format, most of which are compatible with Workman. You can download them at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (click on "Components"). Newer style Online Bible modules (version 2) are available for download at the Online Bible North America download site. Workman is aimed at Bible study, so at this time it does not support Books and Topics in Online Bible format, just Bibles, Commentaries and Lexicons.


Note: The Workman's Study Bible is a shareware application. You are free to try it for 30 days with no commitment.
If, after that time, you decide that you would like to continue using it, you will be required to purchase a License Key.