Selected Features:

Online Bible Modules Compatibility | Non-structured Interface | Simplified Command Line | Concordance Searches | Advanced Hover Navigation System™ | Non-Contiguous Ranges | User-defined Group Synchronization | Innovative Menu System | In-Menu Favorites Lists

  • Online Bible™ Modules compatibility*†:
    - Benefits:
    1. Access to hundreds of Bible Versions, Commentaries, Lexicons, etc.
    2. Install directly from OLB ZIP archives, OLB self-extracting EXE archives, OLB ".801" archives, and OLB DAT folders
    3. Can reference directly to your OLB installation; no need to convert the DAT folders nor move them.
    4. Supports nearly all OLB versions, including the latest "version 2" modules available now.
    5. Will NOT break your OLB installation.
    6. Searches your hard disk drives for any recognizable Titles and installs them.

The Workman's Study Bible Titles Wizard allowing you to install all types of modules, even those compressed in zip files, self-extracting archives, or proprietary .801 files, as well as all Workman Titles.

* Disclaimer: The Online Bible is a trademark of Timnathserah Inc. and is in no way affiliated with The Workman's Study Bible.
Online Bible Modules must be downloaded from authorized Online Bible web sites or copied from authorized Online Bible CDROM's.

  • Non-structured interface:
    - Benefits:
    1. Allows you to have multiple windows open without obscuring your entire desktop and other applications.
    2. Windows can be grouped into user-defined window groups, allowing them to be minimized, restored, and closed as one.
    3. Window size, position, current search, as well as search history are stored on application exit and restored upon next initialization.

The Workman's Study Bible with multiple windows allowing the word processor to be fully visible.

  • Simplified, Intelligent, Intuitive, Unified Command Line:
    - Benefits:
    1. No more digging through menus to open "Word Search" or "Display Passage" dialog boxes, only to realize you got the wrong one.
    2. No more error messages because you didn't type the reference in perfectly.
    3. All Titles and ranges, as well as most display options accessible on the command line. With "hot keys" provided, it is not necessary to use the mouse or take your hands off the keyboard.

The Workman's Study Bible all-in-one command line. No digging through menus, no dialog boxes. Fast and simple.


  • Concordance Display:
    - Benefits:
    1. Optimizes your screen real-estate allowing more hits per screen.
    2. Speeds up scanning the search list for a particular verse.
    3. Immediate alternating between concordance, full-text and even "contextual" displays.

    The Workman's Study Bible concordance display allowing almost 3 times as many hits per page.



  • Advanced Hover Navigation System™:
    This is an advanced hover window; it takes the idea behind the popup tool tip to a whole new level. You hover on a word or reference in your window, the mouse arrow becomes a hand, and you click; this will open the hover window with immediate access to any pre-selected cross-references, commentaries, lexicon definitions, context and more for the current selection. The hover window allows all the most powerful Bible study aids to be literally at your fingertips without taking up screen space till you need them. Once the mouse is moved away from this popup window, it disappears.
    - Benefits:
    1. Avoid unnecessary window clutter.
    2. Don't lose your place in your main windows.
    3. Save time and trouble typing and digging through menus.
    4. At any time "thumbtack" the hover window in order to convert it into a permanent window.
    5. When the mouse leaves the hover window, the window disappears automatically.
    6. Each hover window is a full-fledged Bible window, allowing the user to scroll through the entire Bible.
    7. Hover windows are resizeable, moveable, pinable, and can even be converted to normal windows.

    The Workman's Study Bible displaying four hover windows which will each close after the mouse has left them for a moment.

  • Non-contiguous ranges:
    - Benefits:
    1. Want to search only in Luke and Acts? (Not Luke through Acts.)
    2. Want to search only in the New Testament parables?
    3. Want to search only in the words of Jesus?
    4. Save your typed-in ranges so that you don't have to type them in again.
    5. Name your ranges something meaningful ("Parables", "Words of Jesus", "Sermons of Peter", etc.).

    The Workman's Study Bible range menu allowing quick ranges to be typed in and saved, and saved ranges to be selected. Also allows multiple selections.


  • User-definable synchronization groups:
    - Benefits:
    1. Synchronize windows for automatic displays of context, commentaries, cross-references and alternate Titles, with coordinated scrolling, etc.
    2. Assign master windows with multiple dependencies, each with distinct Title and display selectons.
    3. Define automatic assignments determined according to what is typed into the command line.
    4. Unlimited groups: simply type in a new name.
    5. Show, hide, close all the windows of a particular group.

    The Workman's Study Bible synchronization options only a click away on the status bar.


  • Innovative menu system:
    - Benefits:
    1. Allows multiple selections without having to drop the menu down after every click.
    2. No cumbersome dialog boxes.
    3. Categorized tree views of all available Titles directly accessible in the menu. All available Titles two clicks of the mouse away.
    4. Title trees fully sortable according to name, acronym, language and even revision date.

The Workman's Study Bible Titles menu: A tree-style menu allowing multiple selections.


  • In-Menu Favorites Lists:
    - Benefits:
    1. Add to, delete from, even copy your favorites list directly from the menu.
    2. View your favorites in any window, always current, by only dropping down the menu.
    3. Add any verse or even commentary from any Title to your favorites list.
    4. Create as many favorites lists as you wish, with quick tab access to each one.

The Workman's Study Bible favorites menu: Allowing multiple favorites lists to be viewed and maintained directly from the pull down menu or opened in a separate window.

  • Robust Customization and Internationalization:
    - Benefits:
    1. Change any of the text labels of the interface by editing a copy of the included interface file.
    2. Create interfaces for any language by translating a copy of the included interface file.
    3. In-menu on-the-fly interface selection, allowing immediate alternating between all available interfaces.
    4. Powerful substitution algorithims that allow you to perform generic searches with disregard for differences in spellings ("ae" or "e", "é" or "e", "ñ" or "n", etc)

      The Workman's Study Bible displaying a search for "Jesus" in spanish; found "Jesús" and "Jesus" and "JESUS"