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Scriptures is a powerful Bible software application for Mac OS X. It is designed to provide all necessary search and display features with a clean, minimalist interface.

Scriptures works with most Online Bible for Windows modules and provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for adding them into the Scriptures library. (Note: Online Bible modules for Mac do not work with Scriptures.) Online Bible modules can be downloaded from many sites on the Internet, and hundreds of resources are available, including copyrighted texts like the NIV, NASV, and ESV (These require an activation code that can be purchased from Cross Country Software.). Scriptures will automatically install those modules even in their compressed formats (exe, zip, 801, or dat) when you drag the file and drop it on any open Scriptures window.

Although it is currently in a beta stage, it is mostly feature complete and, in our testing, quite stable.

We would appreciate all feedback regarding all aspects of the software. You can contact us at:

The beta builds expires 1 month after the build date.

Check back often as we will be posting new builds as we make improvements, implement new features, and fix bugs.

We also have an iPhone app under development and should be available on the App store soon. For those that have jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches, you can download a copy from the following link:.

iPhone download

If your iPhone or iPod is not jailbroken you can contact us with your UUID and we will send you an Ad-Hoc version that you can install through iTunes.

If you already have an Ad-Hoc version, you can download the latest update from the following link:

iPhone Ad-Hoc download - version 2 (Oct 30 2009)

This is a new version (v. 2) that has a completely redesigned interface, scrolling mechanism, and allows for Title downloading. It no longer is distributed with built in Titles, that makes the download quite small, and allows users to download only the Titles they prefer.

For the moment the Bible Browser is not available, nor is the Thumb Index that would appear when you held your finger on the rightmost of the screen. It will be reenabled in the next update.

Commentaries are now working (double tap with TWO fingers). The Home button on the right of the search bar takes you to the Titles & Preferences window, and the Open Bible icon then returns you to the Bible window. This version also has a forward navigation feature.